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Representing Colonisation from a variety of perspectives

This tutorial activity is from a subject called ‘Australian Indigenous Peoples: Past and Present’

1. Divide class into groups of four, and within the groups divide them into two.

2. Ask students to draw the events of 26 January 1788. Half of the class are asked to draw from the perspective of the First Fleet (convict or officer) and half from the perspective of Eora people (approx. 5 mins) (TLO2)

3. In groups students share drawings, explain thinking and feelings and discuss (approx. 5 mins)

4. Groups share drawings with class and explain them from the perspective of the group (approx 5 mins-10 mins)

5. Remainder of class then devoted to discussion about First Fleet and its impact on Indigenous Australians.

6. Students debate about Australia Day vs Invasion Day (TLO3)