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Creative writing to portray perspective taking and historical analysis

This assessment is a creative writing exercise where students write from the perspective of an ancient personality and engage with the debate / dilemma relating to one of the major turning points of history.

o An example of the type of question might be: “you are the Cartheginian general Hannibal in 216BC, should you march your army on Rome?”

• Students engage with ancient texts as wells as modern scholarly debates on this issue.

• As it is written in 1st person perspective (eg as a speech, letter or journal entry) the students have to understand the topic but then write it in the appropriate tense and context.

• The format and genre of this activity

o Ensures that students cannot plagiarise.

o Makes them think critically about the topic and the sources.

o Allows them to engage with the debates and debunk theories.

o Makes the assignment a little bit different from those in other units.

o Students realise that they cannot just do this at the last minute – engages them in research.

o Makes research and assignment writing less scary.