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Climate change refugees: Role play

Week one: students broken into small groups of approximately 8 with a facilitator (tutor) to review / audit the groups’ knowledge about climate change in general and about climate change refugees in particular. The emphasis is on identifying gaps in knowledge and getting students to delegate amongst themselves tasks in getting information for week two.

Week two: students still working with the facilitator but more self-directed. The group has been allocated one of four national delegations that they will represent in a role play / scenarios of an intergovernmental meeting in week 3. Students again audit their knowledge about ‘their nation’ and its relationship to climate change refugee issues, identifying gaps and allocating tasks. They also reflect on the perspectives/views of the other three nations.

Week three (3 hours) group meets without facilitator to finish preparing their presentation to the international meeting (they could use PowerPoint but not required) each member of the group is in the role of a key ‘actor’ the groups come together for 1.5 hour meeting and the four nations. Each nation offers an opening statement and then engages in negotiation with the aim of seeking co-operation/collaboration between the nations in addressing the problems relating to climate change refugees