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Analysing street art/graffiti

Sociology of Peace and Conflict is an all years workshop that analysis street art/graffiti. In the workshop I hand out A3 size colour images of graffiti – i.e. famous images such as the large murals in the streets of Northern Ireland (images from both sides of the conflict); NO WAR graffiti on the Opera House.

In small groups students discuss the nature of the conflict that inspired the street art/graffiti; the objective/aim of the message; the social, cultural, institutional relationships including power relationships between protagonists; the impact of the images on the issue/conflict and the potential for social change; how the images help us understand the conflict; how effective the images are in achieving peace.

The students consider Holscher (1976-77) thesis, that "Murals . . . are newspapers on walls and a wealth of information is contained in them" (p. 45).